Image and Print Information

Beginning in the mid 1980's the majority of my work involved using traditional large format cameras, and silver based films. Prints were made in a "wet" darkroom using gelatin silver papers that were printed and processed to archival standards.

Today digital imaging and its advancements has reached a point of creating such high quality images that it has become the predominant method of image capture and print making.  Inkjet printing technologies have improved to the point that it is now capable of producing uncompromising photographic archival prints of the highest qualities, meeting or exceeding the quality of the traditional darkroom. Some of my images originate from film negatives scanned and produced as digital files, however images captured in the past decade are predominately digital capture with digital post-production. I rarely produce gelatin silver prints.

Images are printed to the highest quality papers (descriptions of individual images will list the paper / pigment used) and inks, with archival characteristics providing estimated stability of up to 100 years when stored or displayed properly.

All of my images are offered in very small editions, often as little as ten (plus 2 artists proofs).  Emulsion Transfer images are also printed in very small editions, but because of the hand transfer of emulsion, using a "wet artistic method", each image is completely one of a kind.  Limited Edition images are signed, numbered and matted (double over-mat) using acid free 4-ply over-mats and 2-ply backing boards, hinge mounted using archival tapes.  This is considered the very best way to display and protect photographic images.  Under certain agreements, prints may be sold lose or un-matted.  Visit the portfolio galleries and click on each image for specific details including print and mat size.

Custom print sizes can be produced, assuming another edition is commissioned.

There are no implied restrictions on the artist’s commercial use of any image, and all images displayed on this website are strictly copyrighted.

Limited Editions

Prints are exclusively numbered and hand-signed Limited Editions.  Edition number varies by image, see each image for details. When an edition reaches its limit, all prints sales are discontinued for that photograph.

Black and White Images

Printed to Hahnemuhle Fineart, Moab, or Ilford Galerie* papers
Pearl and Matte finishes
Medium / heavy weight paper base, 310gsm
Neutral to cool image tone paper base
Excellent sharpness and contrast
Archival* when displayed properly

Color Images

Printed to Simply Elegant papers
Pearl surface
Medium / heavy weight paper base, 300gsm
Excellent sharpness and contrast
Archival* when displayed properly

Emulsion Transfer Images

Printed using a multi-step, hands-on printing process, where the image is first printed to an intermediate film base at 100% size using pigment-based inks. The pigment emulsion is then transferred using a "wet process" to an archival, stone based paper comprised of limestone and resin.

Because of the unique "manual" wet transfer emulsion process, no two prints of this image will ever be the same. This is truly a one of a kind image. The materials used in the printing process, including the pigment-based inks, emulsion transfer media, and paper base are all considered "archival".

Open Editions

Prints are not signed** or numbered, as there is no edition limit on the images.  Images are available mounted / matted or as loose prints (visit each image or contact for pricing details).

Color and Black & White Custom Printed Images

Printed to Hahnemuhle, Moab, Ilford, or Simply Elegant papers (as above)

Color and Black & White Print on Demand (POD) Images

Many images are available though Fine Art America.  Images are offered on several surfaces including papers, canvas, acrylic, and metal.  The quality is very high and satisfaction is guaranteed by them.  Images purchased though them are not printed, inspected or guaranteed by me.

Mounting and Matting

All images, unless otherwise noted, are hinge mounted to 2 ply 100% cotton museum board, and over-matted using 4 ply 100% cotton museum board.  Museum board is made of 100% cotton fiber. Boards are acid and lignin-free and use alkaline or neutral sizing and are considered archival. The boards are buffered with calcium carbonate; this ensures protection from the destructive effects ofpolluted environments that can cause the pH of paper to decrease with age.

A thin sheet of "paper" (supplied), the size of your matted print, is to be placed between the framing material backing and the 2 ply board.  This paper is also an archival material and creates a buffer between the frame backing and the matted print.

Because the print itself is "hinge mounted", meaning it is attached at two or three points only (depending on the printed size), the print may not always appear completely flat.  This mounting allows for the mat board(s) to expand and contract with temperature and humidity.  Also, should the mat board become damaged, the print can easily be remounted.

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. All prints are made to order, packaged carefully for safe transport, and shipped via FedEx insured shipping. Shipping fees may apply.


I stand behind the quality of my work; any cosmetically flawed or damaged prints will be exchanged without question. All returns must be in as-received condition and in the original or similarly durable and insured packaging. Please contact me for return details if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Print on Demand Images

Several images are available through Fine Art America as giclee prints, metal prints and even canvas.  View individual images or contact me for details. These prints are of high quality but are sold directly to you, are not printed or inspected by me, are not signed** or numbered, and are not subject to my promise of quality.

Stock Usage

Open Edition images are available for stock usage.  Please contact me regarding image licensing.

*Ilford papers have become difficult if not impossible to find.  I have moved to Hahnemuhle or Moab archival papers.  These papers meet or exceed the Ilford papers. Be sure to contact me if you have questions regarding your custom print.

**Open edition and non-custom / out of house printings can be signed by request.  Contact me for info.